Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The One Book Trailer

I had just finished the rough draft of my writing proposal and was just taking a breath when I found this beauty here. This is the best book trailer I've ever seen. I'm so excited for The One!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo - When Your Novel Has Multiple Personality Disorder

At least, that's what my novel is asking right now. When I first began brainstorming for Untitled Fantasy, I had two different roads to choose from that would each lead to a completely different story. Of course, I didn't realize there was a second until I'd already started developing the first. When I saw this second road, I chose that one because I believed (and still do) that it was the better road.

I'm 22K into it now and I've been presented with a third path. Boy does it look cool. Like, really cool. Here's the thing though, it would completely change everything, which would be okay with what I've already written. But if I go with it, that means I basically have to rethink the entire thing and I'm not sure what the story would look like. I'm not sure how two characters fit into that one. As it is, one of them just might have to be removed completely.

I'm not opposed to this change.

Okay, so maybe I am a little because I thought I knew where I was going and now I don't. It's slightly frustrating. I hate it and I love it at the same time. I've never had this problem before. This is literally my first WIP that has had so many different possibilities. I'm going to choose to believe that's a good thing.

I would love to fit this new development into what I have but I don't know if I can, which leaves me with two options. Rework everything and go with that. Or discard this road. I'm loathe to do either. At this point, I have to sit down and judge which path is the best option.

Don't get me wrong, I want to do that. At the same time though, I know that when I'm done, I'll be letting go of something I love.

Yes, even though this new idea/path is sort of a pain, I've already grown attached to its possibilities, which could be really cool.

Who do I have to thank for this? A fat, pudgy king that goes by the name of Barnabas. *shakes fist*