Traitors & Tyrants
Genre: High Fantasy
Category: Young Adult (YA)
Current Word Count (Approx.): 56K
Status: Revision

No one can run from their heritage. With his father’s slipping sanity, Prince Hector is forced to face the terrible fruits of his parents’ actions. Rapunzel is out for blood. Defending his kingdom turns out to be more difficult than he expected, and the prince must flee his home and find his sister before the family demon kills them both.

Rachel has only ever known the stony interior of her tower. When her mother decides to train her, Rachel is forced to swallow her bitterness and ignore every story she’s ever read about the woman. Time is slipping between their fingers though and Rachel soon finds herself viewing one of the most horrifying events of her life: her mother’s murder.

The siblings’ problems are compounded when desperation pushes them through a portal into the demon realm. Once there, they must find a way to defeat the bloodthirsty family demon before it finds them first.

Princess WIP 
Genre: High Fantasy
Category: Young Adult (YA)
Current Word Count: 0
Status: Waiting

Rogue Beings
Genre: High Fantasy
Category: Young Adult (YA)
Current Word Count (Approx.): 62K
Status: Draft #1

A Fures destroyed Jace’s sister; now he spends his days hunting for the creature. Alice is the one he’s searching for and she’s traveling alongside him.

Able to paralyze and kill with fear, Alice’s instinct to kill is almost impossible to overcome, especially when she knows Jace would most likely kill her if he knew who she really was. But there’s just one problem, he’s caught her heart and there’s no way for her to retrieve it. With each passing day, the danger surrounding them increases and her willingness to take risks for him grows. Alice would do anything for him—even murder one of her own.

Instantly drawn to her beauty, Jace just wants to keep Alice safe but when she tells him there’s a way to cure his sister from her paralyzed state, he has to do whatever it takes to retrieve it. Committing to a journey into The Valley of Death, Jace has no idea what Alice has put on the line, what she’s prepared to do, or what it might cost him.

It’s up to Alice to get them in and out of The Valley of Death alive, and all she has to rely on are a few stories and nightmares. But it isn’t just enough to survive the valley. If Jace discovers she’s a Fures, things will quickly blow up. Survive and lie. If she fails either task, the penalty is death. But how do you keep your own nature from the one you love?

Daisy's Story
Genre: Contemporary
Category: Young Adult (YA)
Current Word Count (Approx.): 61K
Status: Draft #1, On Hold

Wild Things
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Category: Middle Grade (MG)
Current Word Count (Approx.): 1K
Status: Waiting

Genre: High Fantasy
Category: Young Adult (YA)
Current Word Count: 439
Status: Research

Beware the Ides of March
Genre: High Fantasy
Category: Young Adult (YA)
Current Word Count: 0
Status: Research

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