Sunday, May 24, 2015

Traitors & Tyrants Revisions: Draft #3

Wow, we're here three months since last I blogged over here. So what's up? I've made a lot of progress with Traitors & Tyrants. My strategy with this draft has been to focus on Rachel's and Hector's stories separately. I basically rewrote all of Rachel's POV, which was far more labor intensive than I anticipated. All in all, things are looking up. I finished rewriting Rachel's POV a few weeks ago and started on Hector's.

Hector's POV hasn't changed as much with this round of edits but he's always been a lot easier to figure out. However, there are some changes that were definitely unanticipated. They accomplished things that I've wanted since I started planning T&T - way before I even started writing it.

Editing hasn't been all fun and butterflies though. Lately, it's been difficult to muster much of a desire to finish revising draft three. I am almost halfway through editing Hector's POV though, which is exciting in and of itself. Due to my lack of motivation though, I've been experiencing a bit of T&T fatigue. I'm ready to finish this draft and work on something completely different. I haven't let anyone read T&T yet and am looking forward to finally handing it over to my two awesome critique partners.

Just as a breather, I have written a few scenes for my next project, which happens to be a story that I've wanted to read myself for a while now, for many years actually and I can never seem to find a novel that presents this type of story the way I'd like. I won't say much more about it except it centers around a princess and forbidden love: my favorite type of romance.