Monday, May 12, 2014

Book Proposal News

You may remember me telling ya'll how I had to write a book proposal for my Writing Children's Books program. Well I sent it in about three weeks ago now and I just saw that they not only received it but looked at it.

As previously stated, I've been having some mixed feelings about this. Untitled Fantasy has been giving me a hard time (it actually still is) and I've wanted to give up and work on something else more than once now. I finally made it through part one last week though and am on to part two, which happens to be in an entirely different POV. This storyline presents some challenges that I had forgotten about (and just so happen to be why I shied away from it in the first place), but I'm excited to get past those things. The entire thing just doesn't feel right without this POV.

In short, even though Untitled Fantasy is still being a pain in the butt, we've reconciled and are on good terms again, which is an extremely good thing since my instructor-editor accepted my proposal! I'm so excited to have someone else to help me reach Untitled Fantasy's potential in these early stages.

So what's next? Now I have to finish the monster first draft.

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