Thursday, June 12, 2014

First Draft Celebration #5

Dudes, I'm super excited here. I hit 50K this morning! Actually, more specifically, I have 51K. That means only 9K to this draft's goal! You know what this calls for right?

That's right. We need some straight up JLaw celebration there. Part 2 has been an absolute joy to write so far. None of it has been particularly difficult but I wouldn't say it's been easy. I guess its just kind of been happening. The words come at a steady pace, not fast or slow. Okay, sometimes they are a bit slow but I've simply employed techniques I've already learned and have been able to work myself out of those awkward, "what next?" moments.

I have an idea of how to end things (which I happen to be working out in my brain while writing this post) and I think it's not bad for a first draft. Considering the fact that I've had to do a bit of searching for this novel's heart and purpose, I would say this isn't too shabby.

I'm most excited to see what I've got all together and am beginning to think the draft may be a bit longer than 60K, which is totally fine. We'll see what happens but yay for 50K!

Also, I forgot to tell you but... Bloomsbury did end up approving me for Heir of Fire on Netgalley! Very cool and exciting! Can't wait to read it now! I've got a couple of other books I've got to read first but after... *rubs hands eagerly* I finished In the End last night and loved it! Five stars baby! If you haven't read In the After go do so now. In the End will be out on the 24th.

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