Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 10

Yesterday was the great NaNoThon and I had a super productive day. I started with my usual 3,000 words written with my awesome twitter writing buddies Teri Brown (@teribrownwrites) and Natalie (@NatReads). After two one hour sessions, we all had or were pretty close to having met our minimum daily goals.

But, as I expressed on Day 8, by the time I had made it a little past 3K, I was in the zone, flying through my novel's brain. Or more accurately, my MC's. So I kept cruising along. I took a break, fed myself, and almost wrote another thousand before heading out to see Thor: The Dark World.

Yes, it was a writing marathon and I definitely could have stayed home for those three hours (we got there early and the previews were almost a half hour). But I decided to reward myself with a movie I've been very excited to see. I'm not kidding guys, I was excited about this movie the moment I heard they were making it. Thor is one my favorite Marvel superheroes. End of story. And he's played by Chris Hemsworth *faint*. And, just so you know, it was amazing. Definitely a  must see, you know, if you like these superhero movies. Asgard was beautiful and the acting was fantastic.

When I got home, I stayed up until almost 11 pm to write 2,151 words, surpassing my special marathon goal of 5K and hitting 6K written in one day. Plus I got to kind of watch Sherlock Holmes at the same time.

So what's my total? 33,005. (I haven't written yet today.)

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